College Stress Relief Seminar Testimonial

A thank you note sent by Carol J. Glock, M.Ed. a Professor at Washington and Jefferson College in Washington, Pennsylvania to the Pittsburgh area Instructors of Oom Yung Doe for a seminar at the college.

Dear Joe:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the life changing relaxation techniques that you offered to my students at Washington and Jefferson College. Washington and Jefferson College attracts the top students that have chosen the academic field of medicine, law or business as their chosen career. Within this typical college population anxiety is one of the leading mental health concerns. Through the meditative aspects of your relaxation and Oom Yung Doe techniques my students were able to transform their lives. After practicing your techniques the students felt less stressed and more confident during their week of final exams. They had a sense of mental well being and inner strength and flexibility.

The following statements were comments made by my students after implementing the techniques that you presented to my students:

“I can’t believe how much stronger and energetic I feel during the day after just taking 15 minutes in the morning to do the deep breathing exercises.”

“I was able to think more clearly on my examines by just taking a few minutes to relax and breath properly.”

”By just taking a few minutes to massage my pressure points and breathe slowly I felt a sense of calmness and inner peace for the rest of my day.”

I feel that every college professor should offer your techniques to enhance their students’ performance both physically and mentally throughout the year. I certainly plan to include you in my curriculum as a guest presenter each semester for my ”Attaining the Mental Edge” class. Your techniques clearly enhance the academic and physical performance of all college students.


Carol J. Glock, M.Ed.

Adjunct Professor

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